Bar Luce | Marina Rinaldi

Bar Luce is a cafe designed by American filmmaker Wes Anderson in the Fandazione Prada exhibition space located in Milan, Italy. Wes Anderson brought his distinctive aesthetic to the well-designed space, coordinating everything in a 50s-60s aesthetic, coloring the space in pastels and metallic, bringing in Formica inspired furniture and veneered wood. The space was designed to recreate a typical Milanese cafe aesthetic and to be an inspiring place to relax, write and spend non-fictional afternoons. Itís a space designed for real life and ought to have numerous good spots for eating, drinking, talking, reading, etc. 


Personally I find inspiration in the colors of the space, all the pastels, metallics and the retro features. The pinball gaming machines and old-school jukebox, the mosaic marble floors, the font used for the cafeís title used like a logo are all good inspiration for print.