The independent design project I set for myself for the Portfolio Module of my final year was to design a capsule collection for a designer of my choise. I chouse mega-fashion-house Dior while it was under Raf Simons creative direction. Couture and minimalism are a perfect coupling. The attention to the fitting and shape of garments as well the detail to finishings and trims is enough to get me excited. I focused on some of the key silhouettes that Raf seamed to emphasize on between his arrival and departure at the French Couture House. My concept for the collection was fitted around the artwork and illustrations of Sarah Burwash. Her work represents femininity in a raw but playful way and an imaginary world full of weird compositions that make the mind generate illustrated stories of the challenges of the women of today. In the same way, with the capsule collection I designed, I wanted to create a made-up world of creative everyday life stories of making the usual a bit more illustrious.

Feminine Eye