The Dance

I worked with Gözde Aladag on her short fashion film assisting with the location, direction and modelling. The conceptual idea behind the film had a lot to do a lot with Gözde’s cultural routes and her oriental background; she’s Turkish. The location was a kitsch hotel in the heart of Manchester, which I’ve pasted by many times and I always though it would make a good shooting location. I’m not quite sure how the place is being used overall; it seemed to be a place mainly for events and many people used the pub that was located at the basement. The style of it looks like something forgotten from the 70’s and 80’s; it’s very decorative in many of its spaces. With that in mind it worked well with the over decorative theme Gözde was working from. The dance moves came in instinctively knowing how popular the oriental dance is in a country like Turkey and how taken out of it’s usual context it felt quite contemporary.


Filming, Concept : Gözde Aladag

Modelling, Editing: Foteini Traka

Music: Rhye - Shed Some Blood