Thinking about fashion, clothing, the act of covering oneself in material and what feeling comfortable means to me personally I wanted to explore the physical and emotional worlds of uncomfortableness. On a personal level, and coming in total contrast with my choice of field of studies and work, I’ve admitted many times that being dressed (up or down) can be quite distressful and very uncomfortable overall. Being quite an awkward and shy person a big percentage of the time makes simple things such as eating in public alone or walking alone through crowds uneasy missions to complete. Exploring these kinds of thoughts and feelings, elements that make one uncomfortable, I was thoughtful about the materials and mind-set(s) behind the discomfort. 


Creating this film was a decision to document a number of things that would normally put me in a weird emotional state and help get the idea out that it’s ok to feel uncomfortable and awkward but also how putting a sarcastic twist on it can make life so much more enjoyable.


I captured the film in London with the help of two good friends, Dimitra who did all the filming and Ria who helped with the styling. I felt very empowered by just the fact that I was playing a role; everything and everyone seemed very insignificant and the whole process made me laugh about all the times that I had made myself feel bad in public for no reason at all.


Styling: Ria Poly

Filming: Dimitra Gkouma
Concept, Modelling, Editing: Foteini Traka

Music: 18+ - Dry [Houndstooth]